So in recital class today we had extra time after everyone sang and our teacher broached the subject of body image in the realm of theatre.

She said that everyone has a voice type and face type and their physicality should match that as well as within their ability.

Like everyone doesn’t need to be stick thin and ripped - if that’s not your type, it’s not your type. Theatre needs all kinds.

Some kids got angry that she’d say these things. Someone even ate 20 chicken wings in pure defiance.

I went and had a salad for dinner.

It’s a harsh reality that we face in theatre. You need to be attractive, talented, and at a physical peak to really make it.

It was a wake up call. I’ve been eating like crap for almost an entire year and exercising only in dance class twice a week. Time to make a change, and trade the 25 pounds of fat I put on last year for at least a little muscle.

I’ll never quite fit the leading man slot, but there’s always the lanky character type. Here’s to that.


my anaconda will take whatever it can get at this point



the thing about musical theatre is it wasn’t a slowly evolving obsession

literally one day, it came along and hit me in the face like a damn brick



a moment of silence for all the poor music directors who have to teach a bunch of high schoolers all the different parts in “Your Fault” from Into the Woods


this is how gay people communicate 


when someone makes a joke about one of ur insecurities

Why do people purposely make my life a day to day struggle tell me please


oh my fucking god.


oh my fucking god.

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